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Our Smart Home Installers with Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes, Ahead of the Curve

Our private client wanted to enjoy cutting-edge technology without compromising the welcoming atmosphere of their home. Our solution: a personalized setup that’s there when they need it, and “where?” when they don’t.

During an extensive remodel, we worked closely with the project contractor and a custom cabinet company to install a home entertainment system that tucks away completely when not in use. When guests enter our client’s home, they are welcomed by a wall of cabinetry that features a large statement painting. The artwork sits on a hidden track that allows it to slide seamlessly in front of the bookshelves, revealing a 55” television at our client’s command.

In addition to the hidden television, we rewired the space for centralized audio, video distribution and a home network. Our client is able to control each room in their home using a handheld Crestron remote. Each TV has access to 2 cable boxes, Apple TV and a bluray player. Audio and video for the entire home is easily managed from a single iPad located in the kitchen, offering control without complication.

The big finale: this state-of-the-art setup doesn’t leave a trace. No wiring or equipment is visible when the room is not in use. All shared audio and video sources are concealed in an accessible central space; this custom system is--truly--a hidden gem.

Project Overview

  • Audio-visual installation featuring a completely hidden television by a sliding piece of art.
  • Full home wiring for centralized audio, video distribution and network.
  • All equipment and wiring completely concealed when the space is not in use.

Products Used by Smart Home Installers

Front Closet Equipment Rack

  • Crestron DM-MD6x4 - Digital Media Switcher
  • Crestron MC3 - Control System Processor
  • Crestron C2N-AMP-6X100 – Audio distribution amplifier
  • Crestron DM-RMC-4K-100-C-1G-W-T
  • Autonomic AU-MMS-1E - High Resolution Music Streamer
  • Integra DRX-3 - Surround Receiver
  • Apple TV
  • Sony Bluray Player
  • Pakedge Wired and Wireless Network
  • WattBox WB-700-IPV-12 - IP controllable power conditioner
  • OVRC-200 Pro - Remote management device
  • Middle Atlantic equipment rack
  • Power Conditioning and remote diagnostics

Family Room

  • Sony XBR55X930E – 55” TV on an articulated wall mount
  • Sonance SB46M Adjustable width soundbar
  • Sonance VP62 In-wall speakers
  • Sonance Sub 8-100 - 8” In-room Subwoofer
  • Crestron HR-150 - Remote Control
  • Apple iPad Pro with iPort sleeve
  • iPort Base Station

Master Bedroom

  • Sony XBR43X800E – 43” TV on an articulated wall mount
  • Crestron HR-150 - Remote Control
  • Sonance VP64R – In-ceiling speakers

Guest Bedroom

  • Sony XBR43X800E – 43” TV on an articulated wall mount
  • Crestron HR-150 - Remote Control


  • Sony XBR43X800E – 43” TV on an articulated wall mount
  • Crestron HR-150 - Remote Control
  • Sonance VP46R – In-ceiling speakers

Connect to Convenience

It’s time to fully automate your home. Contact SMiB Systems Integrators today to discuss how we can create a system beyond your boldest expectation.